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First Fruits Consulting specifically consults to citrus producers in South Africa, focussing on technical production practices, aimed at ensuring the production of above average yields of quality citrus fruit.

Specific focus areas include, but are not limited to, basic assessment of irrigation practices, root health assessment and recommendations, crop nutrition advice, precision farming practices, pruning advice, fruit set advice, fruit thinning advice and manipulations to ensure fruit peel quality.

Clients are referred to Irricheck for specialist advice on irrigation practices and the latest available technology for irrigation scheduling.

First Fruits Consulting specializes in crop nutrition as a key production practice for optimization of yield and production of quality fruit.  Irrigation and nutrition are the two main and most important impact factors in the production of high yields of quality fruit of good size (assuming sound crop protection practices are also followed).

To find out more about First Fruits Consulting, contact Hein Gerber at 084 772 5056.