Smart controller for center pivot irrigation systems

Hydro-Rain launched the B-hyve (Ag)riculture Smart Center Pivot Controller (CPC) that allows farmers to remotely control and monitor center pivot irrigation systems.

B-hyve compatible with most major pivot manufacturers
Powered by B-hyve Smart Wi-Fi Connected Technology, B-hyve Ag CPC enables farmers to monitor and control center pivots via phone, computer or tablet, and get real-time status updates. B-hyve Ag CPC is compatible with control panels from most major pivot manufacturers and helps to maximise resources, such as fertiliser inputs, while saving money on water and pumping electrical costs, says Hydro-Rain.

During significant weather events such as rainstorms or sudden cold fronts, farmers can remotely turn off pivots to help protect crops against overwatering or freezing.

Control remote pumps

B-hyve Ag CPC can also control remote pumps, allowing for monitoring and control of pumps even if they are not located near pivots. In addition, the system can detect pivot malfunctions such as out-of-line towers and safety errors, then alert farmers as soon as those issues happen, and provides control of up to three End Guns. B-hyve Ag CPC’s variable rate irrigation feature makes it extremely fast and easy to remotely implement precision watering schedules.

“This is a significant leap forward in bringing more control into farmers’ hands,” said Stuart Eyring, chief executive officer at Hydro-Rain. “B-hyve Ag CPC eliminates the need to go or send someone to the fields to manually turn off or adjust pivot irrigation. Not only does this help farmers use their irrigation smarter, but it helps them respond faster to changes in weather, ultimately saving them time and money. A task that used to take hours to perform can now be accomplished in minutes.”

Simple installation: The wires on the box are color-coded to match those on a pivot, and are labeled. Farmers can still control pivots from the original pivot panel, as well. Intuitive, app-controlled on-boarding keeps total installation time under two hours, according to Hydro-Rain.

Map features: When a farmer needs to set up a stop on a pivot, B-hyve technology shows a map view of that pivot to easily mark the stop. The feature also works for VRI and End Gun mapping.
Tower Alignment: The tower alignment feature not only alerts the farmer of an alignment issue, it also indicates which tower is out, making it easier to troubleshoot.
History records: B-hyve technology logs each event that happens at a pivot, keeping a list of stops, restarts and changes to settings at a farmer’s fingertips.
B-hyve Ag CPC is available through a network of authorized B-hyve Ag professional dealers.