Pulse™ Irrigation Scheduling Software

The Pulse™ platform processes and interprets weather data (forecasted and actual), soil and crop information, irrigation system parameters and hourly soil moisture readings. This results in a weekly irrigation recommendation for each field or orchard in millimeters per meter, hours or cubic meters needed for the following week.

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What makes IrriCheck unique?

Its proprietary and distinctively South African-developed irrigation scheduling software, Pulse™.

Pulse™ is available from a web-based interactive and user friendly platform, as well as an iOS and Android App, backed up by a team of specialists in each respective field.

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Real time recommendations

Real-time, live recommendations can be viewed in millimetres, cubic meters or hours/ minutes per orchard/ block, 7 days in advance.

Top and bottom soil deficit (from Field Water Capacity) data is available in mm.

Unique microclimatic data is interpreted and farm specific data such as plant water use, crop factors and evapotranspiration are determined and used to calculate block or field specific recommendations.

The Pulse™ platform offers the following features

Reliable, scientific and technically sound.

Accurate, hourly, soil moisture measurements

Integrates with most manufacturers of soil moisture probes

Water savings.

Electricity savings.

Optimising production and increasing farm gate returns

Download IrriCheck Software

windows Irricheck Viewer for Windows 10 / 11 Download
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windows Irricheck Uploader for DFM version 4 probes/handloggers/repeaters Download
windows Irricheck Uploader for DFM version 5 probes/handloggers/repeaters Download
team viewer Teamviewer for Windows Installation Download
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Download the mobile apps:

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