Agricultural irrigation scheduling solutions

IrriCheck specialises in holistic agricultural irrigation scheduling software and services. Through our proprietary and distinctively South African developed software system IrriCheck Pulse™, we are able to optimise our clients irrigation scheduling process by maximising production and ensuring optimal water usage.

IrriCheck Pulse™ Scheduling Software

IrriCheck Pulse™ interprets live data from multiple sources to provide 7 day forecasted irrigation recommendations in mm soil-water content.

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The IrriCheck Promise

Consultation and on-farm site visits

Integration and supply of required components

Solutions, Service and Data Management

Hardware Independent

IrriCheck is independent of the hardware manufacturers and supplies, installs and connects with many different types of continuous logging soil moisture probes.

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Latest News

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Sustainability is not just about protecting the environment for future generations; it can also be good for business. A recent panel discussion at Nampo Cape, South Africa, concluded that sustainable agriculture practices can provide significant financial benefits to farmers.

Securing the world’s food production for the future

The Svalbard Global Seed Vault’s purpose is to ensure that humankind can continue producing a diversity of food crops, even in the case of a ‘Doomsday Event’.

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Grains trust: In addition to their contribution to the world’s annual grain yield, earthworms also contribute to the production of over 140 million metric tonnes of legumes each year.

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Blueberry producers internationally are consolidating and using new technologies and genetics to survive the price cost squeeze, according to the recently released Global State of the Blueberry Industry Report 2023.


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