Agricultural irrigation scheduling solutions

IrriCheck specialises in holistic agricultural irrigation scheduling software and services. Through our proprietary and distinctively South African developed software system Pulse™, we are able to optimise our clients irrigation scheduling process by maximising production and ensuring optimal water usage.

Pulse™ Scheduling Software

Pulse™ interprets live data from multiple sources to provide 7 day forecasted irrigation recommendations in mm soil-water content.

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The IrriCheck Promise

Consultation and on-farm site visits

Integration and supply of required components

Solutions, Service and Data Management

Hardware Independent

IrriCheck is independent of the hardware manufacturers and supplies, installs and connects with many different types of continuous logging soil moisture probes.

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Latest News

R100m Covid-19 grant funding set aside for smallholder farmers

The Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development has set aside R100m for a Covid-19 grant scheme, which has been made available through Land Bank to smallholder farmers who have loans to pay, and experience financial distress resulting from the impact of Covid-19 and related interventions, such as the effects of the protracted Lockdown regulations, on their businesses.

Latest research: Macadamias need less water than you think!

With a looming water crisis and an expanding macadamia industry, the obvious question arises: where will the water for the new orchards come from? A recent groundbreaking study shows that farmers have been grossly over-irrigating and that dryland macadamias in high-rainfall areas actually provide better yields. Lindi Botha spoke to Theunis and Armand Smit, specialists in irrigation and optimal water usage.

COVID-19 ‘perfect storm’ for African food security

COVID-19’s arrival in Africa has exacerbated pre-existing major challenges to the continent’s food production and nutrition security. These include droughts, floods, extreme temperatures, outbreaks of crop and livestock pests and diseases, and generally low economic growth. This was according to the Minister of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development, Thoko Didiza, during her presentation to…

Water rights trading ‘discriminatory’, rules high court

Full bench rules that the sale or trading of water rights discriminates against those who can’t afford it


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