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IrriCheck specialises in holistic agricultural irrigation scheduling software and services. Through our proprietary and distinctively South African developed software system Pulse™, we are able to optimise our clients irrigation scheduling process by maximising production and ensuring optimal water usage.

Pulse™ Scheduling Software

Pulse™ interprets live data from multiple sources to provide 7 day forecasted irrigation recommendations in mm soil-water content.

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Smart Irrigation Model Predicts Rainfall To Conserve Water

Fresh water isn’t unlimited. Rainfall isn’t predictable. And plants aren’t always thirsty. Just 3% of the world’s water is drinkable, and more than 70% of that fresh water is used for agriculture. Unnecessary irrigation wastes huge amounts of water – some crops are watered twice as much as they need – and contributes to the…

Amazing Pre-Spring Crop Yields

Using the correct irrigation scheduling strategy results in improved, healthier looking yields. Dont just take our word for it, have a look at some examples from several of our clients across the county.

360° Irrigation Scheduling

Are you getting what you should out of your soil moisture probes and related irrigation scheduling technologies and software, especially during the current hot and dry conditions?

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