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Smart controller for center pivot irrigation systems

Hydro-Rain launched the B-hyve (Ag)riculture Smart Center Pivot Controller (CPC) that allows farmers to remotely control and monitor center pivot irrigation systems. B-hyve compatible with most major pivot manufacturers Powered by B-hyve Smart Wi-Fi Connected Technology, B-hyve Ag CPC enables farmers to monitor and control center pivots via phone, computer or tablet, and get real-time…

N-Drip closes gap between flood irrigation and drip irrigation

N-Drip, an Israeli company, uses a 22 millimetre diameter irrigation system and also offers a solution for broadacre farmers, with a 44 millimetre diameter system. The technology can reduce water and energy use significantly, by up to 70 percent. The cost of installation can be kept low. “You can use N-drip for 15 years until you get to the price of a standard drip irrigation system”, says Udi David Stern, general manager of N-drip in Australia.

Late rainfall sees Free State farmers returning to wheat

When the rains came too late to plant maize at the end of 2018, Bultfontein farmers Anton and Heinrich Botha joined other producers in the region in planting dryland winter wheat instead. Sabrina Dean visited this father-and-son team to find out why they are so enthusiastic about the renewed interest in wheat.

Africa’s agriculture future beyond COVID-19

E-commerce gives a signal as to how African farmers will access markets in the future. Beyond the COVID-19, the food and agriculture landscape in Africa will change because of the pandemic in terms of processing and value addition, agri-food e-commerce among others according to a report by Selina Wamucii. The report, titled “Impact of COVID–19…

Coronavirus: Most ‘risk violations’ are in agricultural sector

Most of the Covid-19 virus “risk violations” so far have taken place in the agricultural sector, says David Esau, chief inspector at the Department of Labour in the Western Cape.

Retail supply chain accounts for nearly 95% of food waste in South Africa

Last week, Daily Maverick reported that the average person in a South African household wastes between 8kg and 12kg of food per year, which equates to a total of 25 to 50 tonnes of consumer food waste annually. A mere 5% of wasted food can be attributed to consumers. The supply chain, the agricultural and production stage,…

Ntando used R389 to buy seeds 2 years ago, she now employs 40 people and exports veggies

Her husband gave her money to do her hair, but she opted to use it to buy seeds and start her garden.

Microgreens: a tiny crop with big returns

As the owners of an IT business, husband-and-wife team Jan-Hendrik and Melanie du Plessis spent many hours at their desks. An energetic couple, they therefore went looking for a hobby that involved some physical exertion. “I came across a YouTube clip on microgreen farming, so decided to start experimenting,” recalls Jan-Hendrik . “After the first…

Agri tech investment vital for industry output, export growth

According to Dr Thulasizwe Mkhabela, Group Executive, Impact and Partnerships at the Agricultural Research Council (ARC), South African agriculture needs more investment and the implementation of the latest technology to boost output, not only for local consumption, but also for vitally needed exports to boost foreign exchange earnings. “This can be accomplished through an increase…

The Future of Water Requires a Sustainable, Blue Path
Given today’s approach to water management, there is only so much growth that can be sustained. Gains in efficiency and productivity in water management and utilization can reduce these risks and enable higher levels of sustainable growth, but how much higher? How far-reaching do those gains have to be? And can we make a difference... read more >>